1988 Oscar Recipiant, David Lloyd, CPP - Authors OCF Lighting Book

In 1988, Photo-Sonics, Inc. was once again awarded an Oscar from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences© for technical achievement with the design and manufacture of the 4ER 35mm High-Speed motion picture film camera, used to capture slow motion special effects. The award was presented to Mr. Roy Edwards, the chief mechanical designer, and the Engineering Staff of Photo-Sonics, Inc. 

Among the design engineers on staff with Photo-Sonics, Inc. during this Oscar achievement, was none other than David Lloyd, a former New Product Design Engineer for the Vivitar Corp. 

David's role at Photo-Sonics, Inc. was that of heading up the design team for the electronics division, responsible for the development of the servo control systems governing the precision frame rates for the high speed cameras.

David's team went on to design the control electronics and high torque D.C. Motors and drive systems for Photo-Sonics, Inc.'s Compact Tracking Mount, a portable dual axis optical tracking platform for recording the in flight trajectories of Nasa's Space Shuttle Program.