A New Light Shaping Tool Set for Speed Lights

A New Light Shaping Tool set

Since my days at Vivitar, as a design engineer, speed lights have been in my blood. Now 40 years later, with the advent of new technology, I am designing the perfect light shaping toolkit for speed lights. Not just another gadget, a complete kit of light shaping tools.

When embarking on a new venture, enthusiasm is high and ideas flow easily. And while it is useful to have a game plan and a strategy in mind, there is something to be said about the fuel of creative imagination to propel an idea forward. For me, the strategic planning process begins to take shape as the idea takes on its tangible form.

A short while after the successful launch of my new book, "Creative OCF Lighting Techniques for Photographers" and its subsequent listing on Amazon, I decided it was time to introduce some new concepts in light shaping.

To clarify, I am busily building a set of prototype light shaping tools for Speed Lights.

Maddie Rose poses with Prototype Lamp Head

Maddie Rose poses with Prototype Lamp Head

A Modular System of Light Modifiers

Really cool barn doors, Fresnel lens for the film noir look, snoots, grids, gels, umbrellas, and integrated soft boxes, Octa and strip box. To top it off, I am currently incorporating an LED modeling light for accurate positioning of film noir portraits. Hand crafted prototypes will be available soon. So stay tuned for more news...

Model, Catherine Johnson goes for a 1940' look with my new lighting system.

Unique Features for Versatile Lighting Palettes

A unique feature of my new lighting system is its ability to create several styles of lighting by the use of a unique modular approach, adapting it to a very versatile palette of light shaping tools. If you enjoy working with Speed-Lights, this will be your lighting system of choice.

Model, Shannon Feeney poses for 40's Hollywood Lighting Workshop

An Easily Attainable 1940's Look

With snoots, barn doors, Fresnel Lens and correct lighting placements, one can easily attain the lighting style of the 1940's. A look that made the movie stars of Hollywood seem bigger than life. Lighting, wardrobe, hair, makeup and a vintage backdrop bring glamour to the screen.

Model, Catherine Johnson poses with vintage 40's dress

Each photo on this and other pages of my website may be seen full size by clicking on them.

Model, Shannon Feeney poses for my 40's Hollywood Lighting Workshop

Here, model, Paulina Silva pose with the backdrop of a WWI P-51 Mustang

Model, Paulina Silva shows that 1940's Hollywood Glamour is easily attainable

A closer look reveals the stunning beauty achievable with this lighting tool set


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DLP Profoto OCF Speed-Light Adapter

Here are a few photos which describe some detail about my OCF Lighting Adapter. As some may know, there are a variety of products on the market which make the effort to usefully modify the light quality of a speed-light. Many are inexpensively made and have questionable effectiveness when it comes to producing quality light, that is light which renders beauty in a portrait. In my new book, "Creative OCF Lighting Techniques for Photographers", I spend some time describing light quality. As a former design engineer for the Vivitar Corp., I was concerned with designing quality products. Most specifically, to this article, products pertaining to photographic lighting with small and compact light sources. Essentially, the speed-light.

A few companies over the years, introduced some innovative designs relating to portable lighting. Companies such as Ascor and Quantum. They endeavored to realize their designs as a flash system. Fairly recently, Profoto introduced their portable flash units, B1 and B2. Shortly thereafter, they introduced their OCF line of light modifiers, specifically designed for the B1 and B2 portable flash units.

Upon seeing this system, my engineering mind went to work to explore the possibility of adapting these lightweight and cost effective OCF modifiers to speed-lights. It turned out to be straightforward and I was able to build some prototype adapters from components I found at Lowe's.

One of the original prototypes of my design, shown with Fresnel type lens and Barn Doors

Perfecting the Design

I noticed that the relative diameter of the Bowens mount and the Profoto flash units were very similar in diameter. With ABS 3" piping from Lowe's and a shower light lens, I was able to fashion an adapter from the popular Bowens speed-ring mount to the Profoto dimensions, as needed to accept the line of Profoto OCF light modifiers. This was a revelation, as I could now design a complete lighting system, suitable for studio and outdoor use.

As seen in this photo, my adapter provide the interface for Speed-Lights to Profoto OCF

Once I had sufficient quantity of prototype adapters, I fashioned a lighting system for four speed-lights and began testing its effectiveness. The results were exceptional and I began introducing the idea in my Lighting Workshops.

Sample lighting scenario with Profoto OCF Speed-Light Adapter

Sample image resulting from the lighting setup with the Adapters

Photoshop Mock-Up of Functional Design

Product Status

At this time I am considering a Kick Starter campaign to launch this product. Presently, I have limited quantities of the basic adapter available for sale for $75. Future models are intended to incorporate an LED modeling light. For inquires, please call David Lloyd (480) 284-5516